Testimonials — See what our students and their parents

are saying about taking music lessons with us.




Brian began teaching my children to play the piano three years ago at ages 6 and 9. My son was not so keen on the idea but Brian was able to adjust his teaching style and kept him engaged enough to learn how to read music and play some songs. My daughter, however, took to playing right away. Brian taught her well enough to participate in NYSSMA last year (in second grade -a year early) and received a perfect score. She also got a taste for live performances by playing three songs in Brian’s music recital at Adelphi last year. She started playing cello for her school’s orchestra this year and has excelled because of her solid background in reading music. She also wants Brian to teach her to play the guitar. I have already referred Brian to many of my friends because of the way he gets my children to play the music exactly as it’s written while keeping them engaged. He has a very relaxed, easy going way about him while being strict and making sure they play the music correctly.
— Michele Hogan
My 12-year old son Patrick has been taking piano lessons with Brian for almost two years. Patrick has autism, and many people were skeptical when they heard that I wanted him to learn how to play an instrument. Patrick has done amazingly well – due in great respect to Brian. He has developed a relationship with Patrick that has enabled them to form a true partnership. Brian has an unending supply of patience which, with his calm demeanor and enthusiasm for teaching, has enabled Patrick to progress at a steady pace. Patrick has learned to focus better as well as take correction better. When Patrick does get ‘antsy’, Brian has the ability to bring him back to task. It is so encouraging to see Patrick’s pride in his accomplishments each week and the joy on his face when he plays for our family. He has even played the piano for his classmates in school. I truly believe that this would not have been possible if it weren’t for Brian, and I am so thankful for the work that he’s done with my son!
— Susan Rowland
Brian Lee was referred to us from a terrific friend. This referral was the best thing we could have done. Not only is Brian a seasoned pianist, he also performs on guitar and sings with ease!!! His new band called “Electricians” is fantastic. You must check it out! We love music in our home and Brian has made it possible for our son to learn to play with enthusiasm. His patience and his expertise in music theory and performance is exponentially great. He is a keeper. We adore him!!!
— Diane McGowan
When Aaron changed his focus to drums, I told him he had to take a string instrument to keep his reading music intact. After choosing guitar, we needed an instructor. We found Brian. He brings a lot of patience to the table when teaching a child. He engages his student, while listening to, and answering any questions. Aaron says he likes Brian because he’s a cool guy and understands if you ‘mess up’. It’s exciting as a student to know that your teacher is in a band, and as a mom I know that brings a lot of experience itself to the lesson. We are especially pleased with the instruction Brian provided for the NYSSMA solo; it gave Aaron a ton of confidence to perform in front of the judge. We look forward to continuing lessons with Brian, because he is well-versed in various music styles and will help Aaron improve his playing ability, as well as music appreciation.
— Ava Klein
Brian Lee has been coming to our home and teaching guitar to our teenage daughter Danielle for almost a year now. Brian is very easy going and my daughter was very comfortable with him from the start. We feel that he connects with her and inspires her to excel in her guitar playing. She enjoys her lessons and practicing is never a chore. His method of teaching is not by the “Alfred” book; he teaches material/topics that are interesting and fun to the student, but are also beneficial in improving their skills.
— Tom DiFrancisco
I learned more in one month taking guitar lessons with Pete than I learned in 6 months
with my old teacher.
— Joe T.