9th Annual Galliard Music Student Showcase


Dear Parents and Students of Galliard Music,

We are very excited to announce our 9th Annual Student Showcase! Our annual student showcases are an amazing opportunity to perform whether you are a beginner or an advanced player. The atmosphere is friendly, low-pressure and supportive.

When: Saturday, June 15th, 2019 – You can register for the 2pm show or the 4pm show.

Where: PianoPiano located at 244 West 54th St, 10th Floor in Garnier Hall, New York, NY 10019 (between Broadway and 8th Ave).

When to arrive: Students who are performing must arrive at least 15 minutes before their show starts.

What will be provided at the show: a fine baby grand piano, microphones, guitar amp, bass amp, drum kit, and music stands.

What to bring: If you are playing any other instrument other than a piano you must bring your own instrument!

What to wear: Dress however you would like to present yourself. You can consider the style of music you are playing.

Who to bring: Family and friends! But keep in mind that Garnier Hall can only fit 70 people, so there will be a limit of 4 guests per performer.

How to register: Registration for the show is $50, and you will need to submit the form below to register for the show.

RSVP: Please register for the show no later than May 25th

Note: Both shows will be recorded by a professional videographer and each performer will receive a digital file of their segment of the show! There will also be some light refreshments in the back after the show :)


Registration Form

Name of Performer *
Name of Performer
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Instrument(s) *
Preferred Showtime *
Check both if either one works for you!
How many guests will you bring? Each performer can bring a max of 4 guests.