Mike Marcinowski — Drums • piano

In New York City

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Areas of Work: Manhattan, Brooklyn

Ages Taught: All Ages

Styles: Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical, World Music

Levels Taught:

Drums: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Piano: Beginner


Mike is a Brooklyn based drummer, percussionist and educator. Originally from western Massachusetts, Mike was drawn to New York because of its long and storied musical history and thriving scene. Equally at home in rock, folk and jazz realms he enjoys bringing the subtlety and nuance of free improvisation to tightly arranged pop music. His current projects include forays into alternative rock, avant-garde musical theater, radical gospel music and a solo drum/synth act called Big Ceremony.

Music has been a part of Mike's life for as long as he can remember, since growing up listening to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones with his family. He started playing percussion in elementary school and moved to the drum kit in high school where he started forming and performing in the DIY music scene. Mike has degrees in classical percussion and ethnomusicology with a focus on West African diasporic music. He has studied Malian/Guinean folkloric drumming with master drummers Karim Tounkara and Sekou Sylla, and jazz/improvisation with Bob Gullotti, Bob Weiner, Chad Taylor, Ches Smith, Gerald Cleaver and Billy Martin. He is currently studying classical piano repertoire with Aleksandra Kocheva and Haitian ceremonial music with Morgan Zwerlein.  

Mike can be found playing throughout NYC in a number of scenes, as well as accompanying world music, modern and creative movement dance classes with the Mark Morris Dance Group. He has worked with students of all ages and abilities, offering guidance in technique, reading, and improvisation techniques to both drummers and non-drummers.

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