John Meier — guitar•piano

In New York City

John M bio pic.jpg

Areas of Work: Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn

Ages Taught: All ages

Styles: Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical

Levels Taught:

Guitar: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Piano: Beginner, Intermediate

At the age of 10 John began studying music privately. Starting on the piano and saxophone he eventually decided to choose guitar as his primary instrument and went on to receive a bachelors degree in Jazz Performance from Arizona State University.

John is a highly motivated performer and teacher with strong communication skills aimed at meeting the needs of diverse groups of students. Competent in performing a wide range of genres; He seeks to equip students with the fundamental performance composition and theoretical skills that will see them excel no matter which path they take in music.

Although he performs variety of genres including jazz, rock’n roll, country, R&B, blues, classical and musical theatre, John specializes in the composition and performance of contemporary improvised music. Some of his compositions have been showcased at the Nash Jazz Club, the Arizona State University Jazz composition contest, and the Reno Jazz Festival.

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