Ayumi Inoue — Music Production • Drums • Guitar

in Long Island

Areas of Work: Suffolk, Nassau

Ages Taught: All Ages

Styles Taught: Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, Electronica, Music Production, Songwriting, Recording, Mixing

Levels Taught:

Music Production:

Logic Pro X: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Propellerhead Reason: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced

Drums: Beginning, Intermediate

Guitar: Beginning, Intermediate


Ayumi is a self-taught musician, who started playing drums as a teenager. He quickly formed a metal band as a drummer, starting with benefit shows and eventually sharing the stage with touring bands across Long Island. As he developed as a drummer, he played with several bands and musicians to explore the different styles of indie rock and metal.

As he transferred to a new university, he was no longer able to play drums as he once had. A friend introduced him to Propellerhead Reason, a digital audio software, and he began digging deep into music production and songwriting. He picked up guitar, bass, and piano along the way and began creating a repertoire of solo works, influenced by Eastern vibes and hip hop elements.

Currently, he is part of a music production duo, Aurora Spectra, where he utilizes up-to-date softwares such as Logic Pro X and Native Instruments to create diverse works, ranging from atmospheric electronica, alternative rock and video game tunes. Aurora Spectra was given the opportunity to perform in NYC, where they mixed live and electronic elements into their performance. He recently began teaching drums, guitar, and music production to students as young as 8 to students in their 30’s.

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